Learn about harnessing your energetic power for optimal wellness.

The power of bioenergetics is already happening inside and around, each of us. From our food choices to exercise habits, sleep patterns as well as decisions affecting our relationships, are many reasons why the energetic body’s livelihood can be profoundly
shifted, for good or bad.

We have tremendous power in learning what can disrupt our biological systems, and how to revitalize and recharge them for the


Looking to improve your wellbeing with energy?

Learn About:


  • Energy in the 21st Century

  • Understanding Bioenergetics and the Biofield

  • Electromagnetic Fields and the Age of Technology

  • Energetic Patterns: Levels of Coherence

  • Energy Medicine & the Subtle Body

  • Traditions Based in Energetics

  • Human Optimization with Light, Sound & Vibration


  • Success Stories in Lessening Lyme Disease

  • Powers to Self-Organize and Heal

  • Heart Health

  • Organic Foods

  • Simple Steps for Healing

  • Alternative Practices + Music

  • Advantages of Wearable Bioenergetic Technology by FREmedica

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Dr. John Amaral

DC/ Energetic Practitioner

FREmedica Technologies is thrilled to welcome Dr. Amaral to its first-ever inspirational event solely dedicated to bioenergetics.

Learn how this method can unlock energetic imbalances for renewed wellness and livelihood long-term.

Dr. John Amaral DC is an energy practitioner, author and educator who has worked for over twenty years helping A-List celebrities, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers and thought-leaders elevate their energy so that they feel and perform their best.

John has worked hands-on with thousands of people from over 70 countries, utilizing his Energetic Flow approach. John is featured in the GOOP Lab Netflix series with Gwyneth Paltrow and has appeared on numerous podcasts. He is the founder of the Energy Flow Formula and the Body-Centered Leadership programs, which combine cutting-edge neuroscience and ancient wisdom practices to help participants create and sustain new levels of energy, clarity, and fulfillment.

Dr. Keith Pyne

DC/ Professional Sports Consultant

Dr. Pyne returns to Fremedica Technologies to discuss an update on his compelling story of recovery and his continuance in using the WAVE 1 bioenergetic wearable.

As a performance and recovery consultant to top athletes and championship-winning sports teams, Keith faced a personal competition with Lyme. He celebrated his victory over the disease by mentoring the Toronto Raptors to the NBA Championship and earning two MLB World Series with the Washington Nationals and LA Dodgers.

Today, Dr. Pyne shares both his personal and professional perspectives through his own quest to overcome Lyme disease. Recognized as the “Body Whisperer”, he strongly believes in making frequency technology a critical adjunct in the wellness toolbox, when dealing with Lyme.

Dr. Pyne’s treatment concentrates on neuromuscular structural integration to resolve compensation patterns in the biomechanical kinetic chain system. Simplified, the full body is an information system to the brain which is the hard drive, and this information helps you to navigate your reality.

Heather Gray


Heather hosts her regular podcast series called The Lyme Boss to help support others in their healing path to overcome Lyme. She is a WAVE 1 Affiliate Referrer and brings forward her personal experience, insight, and compassion as we address game-changing bioenergetic technology by FREmedica.

Heather lived in sheer exhaustion and pain for 28 years before being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. Treatment left her feeling numb and groggy without treating the underlying issues.

Through her own journey with Lyme, she was able to find remission from this disease, allowing her to get back to life without endless pain and fatigue.

The Lyme Boss Podcast Series: